Body coordination,muscle development, In terms of mental and psychological development BJJ is an ideal activity for children.In Brazilian Jiu jitsu training shot ( punching, kicking etc ..) are used. The purpose is not to hurt people to control it.These factors encourage children to have more self control not to be aggressive.BJJ is known worldwide  as 'Human Chess' . Action and reaction between the partners emerges a chain of techniques and moves and by means of that as you work your body it allows for your brain to actively run

BJJ is a  discipline which has philosophy  and kid learn to respect to his teacher, friends, and most importantly to people.

He would  learn the worlds  most important art of defense

Eğitmenin göstereceği teknik ve alıştırmaları uygulama sırasında çocuk gördüğünü  kavrayabilme ve ugulayabilme yeteneği kazanır

In the process of practicing the techniques and exercises the kid gains the ability to comprehend  and  applicability. It also plays an important role in children 's development of visual intelligence . Develops their social skills and ability to obtain friends. Engrain in sports culture