How is the belt system in bjj ?

Belt in bjj in the form of white, blue , purple, brown, black . Until black belt each belt has four degrees

I 'm old can I do it ?

BJJ is an activity that people of all ages can do. It offers a special training which keeps the mind and body fit at the same time

I am not strong can I do it ?

The purpose of bjj after all not to use force against force defuse opponents by using techniques , balance, leverage and timing. This idea is always in the foreground and BJJ has been developed to target for weak to be able to fight against the strong.

How long it it would take for me to be effective in this discipline?

One of the questions we receive most . Unfortunately, there is no definite answer. It changes person to person, relevant to individual genetic structure, lifestyle and  time spent on the mat . Usually people understand the movements within 1 year and in a few years begin to find out if his fighting style .

Is training stiff or dangerous?

Absolutely not. Zero tolerance is shown to harshness in training. Statistically BJJ is much safer than football, volleyball , skiing, sports like tennis. Of course, as in all physical activity , there is a risk factor, but this ratio is too low.

I'm doing another discipline / I did . Can I do BJJ ?

You can, will provide even easier compliance.

What do I need to start?

You need a BJJ clothing to start. We will guide you when you contact us.

Currently I'm out of training would it be better if I come with better condition?

To do condition in BJJ you must do BJJ.

When can I start?