Jiu Jitsu 's origin goes back 2500 years.This art created by Buddhist monks who were suffered from continuous robbery by tribes and forbidden to use any weapons becouse of their faith.Based on the movements of animals  they created a martial art to defeat more powerful and overweight opponents than themselves bye using power of pressure.

In a short time this martial art went beyond the Asia and has become a martial art for samurais who were an excellent warriors and defending their masters at the risk of their lives in japan.

There were several fighting techniques and tools of the samurai during this period. Knives , spears, bows and arrows.They prefer Jiu Jitsu in  one-to-one fightings due to the flexible and balanced.

With the opening of the ports of Japan to the Western world Emperor of the time declared a national crime to teach this art to others just to make it unique to the Japanese people.

However, after World War I. there was movement of migration and champion of the period Count Maeda Icoma emigrated to Brazil


In 1920s Maeda came to Brazil's Parana region and met Gastao Gracie who has influence in the city.Gastao helped him get used to his new life


Therefore , as a tribute  he taught Jiu Jitsu Gastao 's oldest son Carlos. In a very short time carlos had full knowledge of technical aspect of Jiu Jitsu and began to teach others. But today Jui Jitsu which is well accepted as the world's best martial discipline was developed and taught to others bye his brother Helio. he proved that the technique can beat power bye defeating his over 100 kilograms opponents while he was only 63 kg. Today this culture which is known as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu allows us to teach techniques we learned all over the world.In 90s Gracie family Brought BJJ to the US. As a person who was to thin and far from scariness  Royce Gracie steped on the mat in  " Ultimate Fighting Championship " ( UFC) first time. While audience was thinking that The Brazilian would not stand a chance, He shocked them defeating his opponent Art Jimmerson

 In the first fight In a period of 2 minutes. Most people was stranger such a fight.This is because  Gracie defeated his opponent while he was on his back. Usually such a position meant that the person was defeated.Next opponent was  Ken Shamrock whos nickname was " The world's most dangerous man " . But once again, Gracie, baffled audience and other fighters by winning the match In the first minute

with rear choke technique.Gracia also won other competitions and became champion of 1. UFC tournament. Brazilian , with 11 wins was also champion of UFC 1 , 2 and 4. In later years, who also ufc'n Gracie's honor list , we can see the effects in Mixed Martial Arts today .